Welcome to Luan

Welcome to Luan


"Glamorous camping" describes a style of camping that lets you experience nature, but with a fancy twist -- you stay in a furnished dome that's filled with the amenities you would usually find in luxury hotels. The concept of glamping originated in 16th century Europe, where royalties would prepare lavish tents to welcome important guests. These days, glamping is mostly an escape from the daily grind of living in the city. Compared to traditional camping, glamping lets you immerse yourself in nature without having the need to be an expert about it.


You will be staying in one of our 4 domes. Each dome will have its own bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. There will be running water, cooking utensils, and bathroom essentials. There is a communal bonfire available for all the guests to use. 


We are only visitors to the natural habitat of plants, animals, and other creatures of the mountain. Please be respectful to everything around you, especially the immediate vicinity of the domes. 


Each dome has a total of three garbage bins. Guests will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the site. We strongly urge our guests to CLean As You GO (CLAYGO).


Luan Glampsite was designed to give the guests a taste of nature. Having that said, nature may be unpredictable at times even if we are careful. First aid kits are available at the front desk upon request. Please make sure to read the Luan Glampsite rules before checking in.


10 p.m.-7 a.m. is our quiet time. As such, we strongly recommend that everyone start preparing for bed at this time. For the night owls, we do not prohibit you from staying awake as long as you can, but please make sure to keep the noise level as low as possible.

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